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"Mollie Minott's breakthrough was as immediate as it was obvious when she moved everyone in Sweden to tears when singing her song "The Hunger Game" on the television show “Idols”. "Fantastic songwriting, You ARE music" said Jury member Anders Bagge. From the finally t'il today the road has been far from smooth. However one thing can be stated - on a stage, Mollie never goes unnoticed.

As a result of her distinctive stage language and warm but powerful voice, the possibilities exploded for the then 18-year-old singer. On her graduation day, instead of celebrating with her classmates, Mollie hopped on a private jet for the premiere of her grown-up life in the music industry. The “Diggiloo tour” was visited that summer by 140,000 people all over Sweden. A record year for the popular concept and a record summer job for Mollie.

It was clear early on that Mollie had no intention of being put in a box. The Swedish-Jamaican small-town girl had other intentions than following the breakneck pace and expectations of the music industry. With the words of Anders Bagge ringing in the back of her head, Mollie explored her songwriting. 2016-2020 consisted of hard work and searching for answers to who the artist "Mollie" would be. After a session with Eurovision top songwriter, Thomas G:son, Mollie went home without a voice. The stress had taken its toll and the singer had to be completely silent for six months.

In May 2018, the vocal cords made a comeback with a new sound in the track "Ready For Tomorrow". The song was widely streamed after the performance on Swedish TV with Grammy-winning composer Mattias Bylund. In 2019, Mollie's journey from small-town girl to pop star overnight was mirrored as a role in the youth series "Eagles" by film producer Stefan Lindén. Mollie also recorded the soundtrack "Follow" written by Broadway composer, arranger and conductor Nils-Petter Ankarblom. A collaboration that continued in the song "Humanity" written for the benefit of the refugee agency UNHCR.

In 2020 in an industry filled with different opinions, Mollie's "people pleasing" side was a disadvantage. During the pandemic she got her license as a personal trainer. It made her understand how badly she´d been taking care of her health in the past years. Here began a journey of healing, searching for balance and self-respect. By this time Mollie was newly signed to the record label "Ninetone Group" and released the singles "Sisters" and "Queen" written by her own brother-in-law Martin Dimpker. A retro soulful style that laid the foundation for the music she makes today. Mollie calls it the "All or nothing year" because in the midst of the success with the new songs she chose to move on as an independent artist. It created space to write music completely performance-free with friends and family. The focus shifted from the search for the artist to acceptance of the private person.

Patiently, Mollie has developed from teen idol to power performer and health profile. Now, 10 years later, she enters her most vulnerable yet strongest form by releasing her debut album created on her own terms. Inspired by Fleetwood Mac's stylish energy, Carole King's down-to-earth lyrics and HAIM's compelling rythm, Mollie invites you into her new era. A world where indie/pop tones are woven together by vintage guitar riffs and 80s synths. The lyrics have a high recognition factor as they describe the course of life. Just like the day we first saw her stand before the jury, but with more than a first heartbreak in her backpack”

The Music 

Debut album available may 17

Show Me - Lyric Video 

What a Feeling - Lyric Video

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Västervik July 11, 2024 

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Jan 26, 2024


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