New single out 20th April on Spotify

Mollie Minotts latest single ”Mama” was released in may of 2017. This after the Idol runner up of 2014 had been silent for a while focusing on writing and collecting new material. Cowrites and new collaborations led her as far as New York City and now she’s ready to make 2018 anything but silent – because there are four single releases planned! The first one, Powerless, is a ballad written by Mollie, Carl Johansson and Emil Carlsson. On may 25th song number 2 Ready for Tomorrow is gonna hit the shelves and this one’s got summer hit written all over it. This one also co-written by the artist herself and Anton Engdahl, Matilda Eriksson and Richard Borg. During the spring Mollie is touring all over Sweden with the Marching for Love project, which is an initiative by the organisation Star for life, for which Mollie is also an ambassador. In the upcoming summer Mollie will tour Canada and the USA with the Dimpker Brothers, a Swedish band, and Rev. Sekou, an American artist .

Today Mollie Minott is an all independent artist in charge of her own releases and what projects she associates herself with. To accomplish this she has put together a team consisting of Talentcoach, Westin Promotion, United Screens, Desert AB and Blixten & Co. With new releases, several tours and a highly professional team backing her up, 2018 is gearing up to an amazing one for Mollie Minott! !




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