New track "Skin". Release on Spotify February 1, 2019.



Mollie about her new track ”SKIN”:

”I want the person who listens to SKIN to feel invincible, strong and unique. I grew up having the pressure to be perfect in everything I do and along the way I realized that while I was busy trying to make other people love me, I started to love myself less. Life is to short to try to be something or someone your not. Even though it’s been said a million times before, I still meet a lot of people with low self esteem and bad confidence. It’s time we change that and start loving ourselves. We can start by proudly wearing our own skin.” / Mollie Minott Lindén

Release on Spotify February 1, 2019.

Five years have now passed since Mollie Minott (Lindén) went to Idolfinal in Stockholm Globe Arena together with Lisa Ajax. The year after ”Idol” she participated in Sweden’s largest tour ”Diggiloo” and appeared a lot in Swedish National Television (SVT) and TV4.

After the liked Idol of 2014 had been silent for a while focusing on writing and collecting new material, Mollie finally released her first single in 2017. Co-writes and new collaborations led her as far as New York City and now she’s ready to make 2019 anything but silent.

During the spring and autumn 2018 Mollie has toured all over Sweden with the Star for Life in Concert, which is an initiative by the help organisation Star for life (for schools in South Africa and Namibia) for which Mollie is an ambassador.

Mollie is kick starting 2019 by releasing her fourth single ”SKIN” followed by a tour around Sweden where she will interpret music from the 40´s up to today. All this with a symphony orchestra and children´s choir.

Mollie Minott is an independent artist in charge of her own releases and what projects she associates herself with. To accomplish this she has put together a team consisting of Westin Promotion (management/PR), TalentCoach (coaching), Desert Business (legal)and Blixten & Co (agency). With new releases, several tours and a highly professional team backing her up, 2019 is gearing up to an amazing one for Mollie Minott!

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